Grand Coach is Grabbing Attention, Market Share


In full production for just 60 days, Class B builder Grand Coach LLC is garnering national media attention while also building its dealer base. The Elkhart, Ind.-based company has already expanded its product selection to eight models as it moves to capture market share in the mid- to upper-middle Class B marketplace.

According to the officials at the company, which include President and CEO Darryl Connors along with co-founder and co-owner Mike Schoeffler, Grand Coach increased its brand recognition by purchasing the iconic trademark rights of several well-known RV brands – CapeCod, DayTraveler, Dolphin, Honey, Marlin – while also expanding its own Grand Coach Signature Series.
Reaching out to the luxury van/mobile office market, Grand Coach is also launching three niche brands: the ProMaster Day Traveler built on the Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis, and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based DayTraveler and ExecuJet.
“We think that with all the innovations we have put into the coaches, with our SmartCamp Technology featuring the new fresh water purification systems, and battery systems that extend dry camping time, we’re getting everybody’s attention,” said Darryl Connors, president and CEO of Grand Coach, noting the company will grace the September issue of MotorHome Magazine. “We’re getting a lot of traction in the marketplace.”
Connors said RVers are taking note of the company’s innovation, which includes international exclusive rights to a system that allows campers to gather water from streams or lakes and convert it to “bottled-water quality coming out of the tap inside the coach.” Also an exclusive, the ion battery systems used in Grand Coach products are half the weight of conventional systems yet provide up to three days more power to extend dry camping trips, also an exclusive basis.
“We’re making some very good progress,” said Schoeffler. “We picked up a couple very large dealers and we are in full production now. It’s all going pretty well. The big picture vision of Grand Coach is that Darryl and I are both OEM supply automotive guys, and with our backgrounds and we are bringing automotive quality and design to the RV industry.”
When asked how a startup in production for just over two months got on the cover of MotorHome Magazine?
“We got very lucky,” said Schoeffler. “We’d been in touch with the magazine since we first had the concept for Grand Coach. When another advertiser backed out of the cover they called us. We asked the magazine what the travel theme of the cover was. It was the about visiting Cape Cod. We just bought the rights to the CapeCod name and had a CapeCod built and ready to go. It just all came together.”
— Ron Barger